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I need to start thinking about the whole entity that is the Transient Spaces community documentary and so need to decide on presentation, on-line presentation and the social software. The social software is particularly problematic in that I need to somehow have this documentary circle back to the community it describes. Considering the proposed communities I am going to try to tap into, the internet may be a foreign place for them (or maybe not, in which case great!).

I really like the layout of Smokescreen: Underneath the Haze by Rod Chapman. It is logical, simple and precise and incorporates many similar elements that I am proposing. I do however want a more “filmic” outcome and would like to publish it to ABC’s The Pool.

At the same time, Emily Naismith’s Community Through Crisis: Victorian Farmers Market Comunity is a really creative approach to the use of the internet and probably the project most closely aligned with use of social software and the course material. I would like to strengthen this aspect of my concept and perhaps explore the use of google maps or geo-tagging.

Other Possible Social Software Options…

It would be interesting to find out whether interviewees are on facebook, or any form of social software. If not, I would like to find out whether there is any involvement in an on-line network. For instance, it may be interesting to find a notice board in use for people in crisis, and attempt to publish a link to The Pool.


Boundaries and borders may become interesting themes to focus on. An obvious issue/conflict that arises when dealing with people in crisis is one of economic, social, psychological and geographic separation from the ‘norm’. So the next step is to read “The Birth of Community” by Miller and Rose. This reading is connected to our week 4 lecture entitled Deviance and Delinquency, Anomie and Ennui