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Not quite Reflexive, maybe Performative, partially Observational.

This pretty well sums up what I have in mind for my up and coming documentary project for Transient Spaces. The theme is displacement, homelessness and isolation. The theme is also the experience of the individual and societies perception of deviance; as something that must be eradicated in the name of uniformity. It would be necessary to look into what deviance is in today’s society. This is my initial idea. At this stage it has no connection (that I’m aware of) to the course readings. I will be adjusting and refining these themes from the broad brush strokes that they are when I find the relevant theory. The social software/network environment may also play a crucial role in the formation of theme and approach.

Anonymity is an important theme however. I want to create a montage of anonymous voices telling their stories. Accompanying the voices will be montages of still photography and some video. In the imagery I hope to create a feeling of the urban/city environment as a representation of whatever it is that the interviewees have to say. It was mentioned in class today that anonymity is a feature of city life, and not so of rural or smaller community life and that this is actually a strength for the larger society. Anonymity leads to a wider scope of opinion and debate. The anonymous individual can exercise free speech with less repercussions than the individual with close community ties and bonds in a smaller scenario.

In summary, I am seeking to create an audio montage to fit a visual montage, in which stories of various individuals who experience homelessness, either through the personal or by association, will be told in vivid detail with a striking, slightly surreal tone.