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“…a community is not an entity that exists and then happens to communicate. Rather, communities are best understood as constituted in and through their changing patterns of communication. Indeed, today, as new technologies enable cheap and immediate forms of long-distance communication, the nuclear family is often strung out along the phone wires, and community is no longer necessarily founded on geographical continuity.” (Morley from “Communication.” New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society: Oxford: Blackwell, 2005 p50)

This idea of community as constituted through their changing patterns of communication is in a slight conflict with the type of community I am seeking out for my documentary. I imagine the most blatent and obvious ties in my proposed community to be geographical, i.e the rooming house. This geography could be overlooked and attention could be better paid to the economic situation and communications with the services. Whilst I am looking for these sorts of connections in a preliminary sense, it is the interviewees who will reveal to me what bonds and forms communication they have affinity’s with.