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June 4, 2010 — Leave a comment

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The ways in which I have used my blog…

Firstly, my intention with my blog at the start of the year was to try to present well thought out, structured and presentable blog posts that would hopefully track my thinking as it developed. However, what I found as semester rolled along was that it became a place to reflect on and explore ideas and a place to start sorting through the messiness and the various tangents that became my research practice. This was appropriate and useful for me as in research workshops we continuously looked at various approaches to undertaking a large sized research project. For instance, it’s continuously said to just start writing. This is good advice, and the blog is a place for this to happen. However, the speedy and tangential nature of ‘just start writing’ tends not to be as well thought out, structured and presentable as the type of blog posting I first wanted to achieve. So as semester continued, my goals for and usage of the blog changed.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that the blog is in fact my secondary place of note taking, thought gathering and summarizing. It is also the best place for reflection. This year I have utilised a diary and a journal. These two pen and paper tools have been the places where many raw thoughts, quotations, citations and ideas have gone down. The blog has become the beginning of a filtering and editing process. Personally I like the blend of the two modes of writing/reading/searching as when I transcribe the raw thoughts I find that I look for new ideas and perspectives that might not have occurred to me at the original time of penning.

Ideally I would like for my blog to appear as some kind of matrix that allows someone to explore all the various facets of my research topic, but the practicality of it turns it into more of a visual, textual map of my own journey. I like the personal nature of the blog, but would prefer in hindsight to have been able to include more structured and insightful blog posts with useful resources, at more regular intervals. This becomes the challenge for developing my blog as the rest of the year approaches.

Examples of Blog Posts:

The Narrative Identity: where human experience, memory and film intersect
Within my blog I keep notes and ideas, regardless of whether they find their way into my final essays or not. This is exploration and experimentation, and helps guide me towards a structure for all the ideas that will go into my exegesis.

The New Abstract!
Through constantly working through different problems and considering lessons and methods taught in Research workshop, I’ve tried to form the most solid base possible for my project planning and design. This post shows the significant moment where I was able to resolve joining my exegesis with project so that both can exist together as a more organic entity. Basically I saw that the filmmaking process needed to come out of the theoretical ideas, in order to be fed back in for reflection. This is rather different to the previous position, which was for the exegesis to come out of the editing practice of the found footage.

Being Pragmatic and Realistic
This post shows where I found the advice and inspiration to move forwards in the planning of my project.

Herzog, What Have Ye Done?
This post reflects the more playful and personal interest side of the blog, and also how the blog can serve to tie ideas together. This post was made when I felt like thinking about something other than study, but managed to lighten appearance of my blog, if for no other reason than some kind of self satisfaction.

Some Thoughts on Design

This post displays some independent thinking around how to approach the rest of the year looking for the best possible outcome. The irony was that later that week we had a presentation from one of the PHD candidates in Communication Design. He took us through many of the ideas that I had spent the previous day investigating for myself. Weird.

Reviewing and Searching for Documentary Frameworks and Arguments in A Song Of Air
Once again, this post represents straight up research and note taking. This is the point where I first started trying to feel my way through found footage criticism and analysis.

The entire Research Workshop category


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