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May 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

Themes are starting to take shape

I have found that the original themes that I thought I would be chasing through observing the Food Not Bombs movement completely changed as I looked for the qualities that define the group as a community. For instance, on the surface it appeared that the group was collated by veganism, political activism and various ideologies. This was not the case as what is more important to the group than dietary habits is the constructive and charitable use of public space, and the operation of an organization outside of the ‘official’ charity groups and bureaucracies. The group also focus on their activities as being a social experience. The operation is not aimed at the homelessor any particular group but rather at anyone who wishes to attend and socialize. Ideally they would enjoy the attendance of people from all demographics, and I have personally observed quite a variety of people, including students, backpackers, homeless, workers and Fitzroy locals.

Where to from here…

The main problem I face is time and patience. To compose a film that really paints a portrait of the diverse characters that come to Food Not Bombs would require many more weeks of attending with the camera. The fact is that the more time you spend the more people come to feel comfortable around the camera to the point that they start to offer up stories. Unfortunately time is not on my side so I have to opt for a short video piece with only two or three interviews. This is sufficient to express the story though not ideal.

The visual style and am I delusional? (this can happen with me)

The visual style is predominately an attempt at the observatory mode of documentary. I have engaging dialogue in the form of interviews and plan on setting atmospheric visual material to the dialogue. The idea is to create the feeling of experiencing a day and night with the Food Not Bombers out on the street, whilst at the same time having expository and informative dialogue.

Concluding the story…Michael Mann the poet

The intro and conclusion are going to be the hardest parts for me to work out. For the ending I will take inspiration from Michael Mann and basically cut the atmosphere audio to silence and have a closing image such as the van driving off screen after a night on the street. In a sense this aesthetic could be described as a quiet loudness, where the conclusion is not overstated and the story is left somewhat hanging between the closing of the characters and the appropriate rhythmic moment to get out of the story. As for the intro, ala Michael Mann I think I will just dive straight in with some footage and audio that gets us straight to the point.


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