Adrian’s question for the next few weeks…

May 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

Basically my response is similar to Daniel’s. I’m really concerned about finding a way to integrate the practice of creating the documentary together with any theoretical research. I have just redefined my abstract to help bring the two closer together, but really have just stated that the two entities will remain separate and perhaps reflect one another. This is vastly different to the research actually informing the construction of the documentary (or is it?). This was a response to looking at the work of Ana Vaz who’s Honours work was of the same nature. Ideally, I want the film and the exegesis to be co-dependent. As it stands at the moment it looks like they will be merely complementary. Is this an issue? i.e Is it enough to explore and discuss a particular theory, perhaps with textual analysis of a film, and produce a short documentary as an example of elements within the discussion. A discussion on biography, memory and representation; a short biographical documentary.

It seems that this hails back to the essay’s we read on practice based research, research found in the doing of media practice. How much of the exegesis should be reflective, and how much argumentative? I would also be interested in seeing examples of practice based research and centrifugal research and successful outcomes.

I would also point out that at this stage I am aware that the two sides to the project must be developed in unison, and that the ‘making’ and producing must start immediately. This is where I’m perplexed, as the two sides seem to exist as separate entities.


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