Further into the Messy Object Of Study or MOOS

April 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

What is the MOOS?

• A research problem to which you do not yet know the answer.
• So in researching your problem the problem pushes back against you, and in this pushing back you have to change in response to the problem
• This change might be in terms of how you now understand the problem, it might be in terms of how you go about doing research, it might be in terms of how you now understand the theory, the practice or the field that you are investigating.

So it seems at this stage we’re all about exploring the mess. The mess is the swamp in between your current state of knowledge and practice, and your preferred state. In the swamp your problem challenges you, throws unforeseen problems at you and forces you to grow, change and think laterally. However, it is important to remember that research isn’t just the lead up to the swamp, it is the swamp. It is the figuring out and making sense of the swamp to arrive at the preferred state of being (finished with an artifact).

With regards to my own project, I suppose that a large portion of my research will be experimenting with the editing and storytelling process. All the reading and theory constitutes only a small, but highly relevant, part. This is quite intimidating as the editing and production process is already looking to be the most time consuming and apparently the most crucial.


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