calenders and time management

March 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

I’ve been trying out various calender applications in search of the one that works for me. But so far I can’t see myself really using them. At this stage I’m still purely pen and paper and actively filling up my diary, in terms of daily and weekly tasks at least. Perhaps the calenders are good to get a sense of the greater scheme of due dates; a visual aid.

Dipity seems to work quite well. It’s online, so accessible anywhere, links to your blog, delicious and flikr accounts plus a variety of others, and if your keen has some social software apps such as following, sharing and befriending. I like the visual layout as you can see the due dates and the progression of blog posts you’re making in the lead up. It feels organic and adding images helps make i a little less dry and easier on the eye.

There is an option to view your timetable as a list which I find really useful if you want to quickly check whats due when.

Mozilla Sunbird

Sunbird is an application download from Firefox and is a basic, easy to use planner and calender. You add events and dates and it’s laid out in a grid format. It’s a little less visually appealing than dipity and has none of the social network features or account link ups. This could be a plus though if you want your timetable in an uncluttered format.

At this stage I’m going to stick with dipity. I see as more of a supplementary application than one I’d live by. My diary is still for day to day and week to week planning.


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