Transient Spaces – Refining and Defining

March 22, 2010 — Leave a comment

1) The broader description of the community I intend to study is the homeless, people in danger of becoming homeless and the staff who service crisis accommodation. For the documentary I intend to locate a particular crisis accommodation centre and treat it as a microcosm of this community.

2) I want to focus on the idea of borders; social, economic, psychological and geographic and ideas pertaining to Gesellschaft and what defines community.

3) The conflict that I foresee coming to the surface is one of the individual vs. society and the deviance from society. In these type of interviews, however, unexpected conflicts can arise and usually make for the more interesting material.

4) In my approach I am looking to see what defines this group as a community and so will be referring to various social theories, in particular Miller and Rose’s “The Birth of Community” in Governing the Present (2008).

“Such virtual communities are ‘diasporic’: they exist only to the extent that their constituents are linked together through identifications constructed in the non-geographic spaces of activist dis-courses, cultural products, and media images.” (Miller & Rose, p90)


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