Setting up, an organised approach to the year ahead

March 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

4 Things I Need To Manage:

Time Management; keep an updated diary and work to the schedule I set myself. This should lead to consistent work across each subject and a build up of knowledge and information week by week. I’m planning on avoiding unnecessary last minute rushes. The last minute panic to finish work may be unavoidable, but through discipline this level of preparation should lead to good marks.

Research Workshop A/Transient Spaces; For Research Workshop A and Transient Spaces I intend to publish 3 posts a week each. Each post should display substantive research or show definite development. Documentary production is the field I will be researching and so any study of documentary cinema or any research regarding the production of the actual project will count as a substantive post. Blog posts will reflect more conclusive or structured thoughts/questions/ideas rather than ust any notes I am taking down whist researching.

Organisation; The use of delicious/zotero to build up a reference collection. To go outside my comfort zones when it comes to basic research. This would mean e-journals and databases, which I’ve always avoided. Regular reading of relevant blogs such as (Errol Morris etc) and searching for new, undiscovered ones. I will blog about this in order to measure my progress.

To Do Well, Stick To What I Know; Just in workload, I’ve set myself a massive task. Within this I am working on improving various skills; research methods, writing and criticism, time management. What I will not do is introduce challenges that require all new production skills. For instance, I will not try and become a director of photography this year. I do have to factor in improvement in post-production skills such as using Final Cut Pro.


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