Explicit Knowledge/Tacit Knowledge

March 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Explicit: To be able to demonstrate and fully and clearly express something. Clearly developed.

Tacit: Understood but not expressed. Silent.

So the idea of this year is to turn a lot of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. In a broad sense I intend to achieve this by going for a project outcome in second semester. I want to have structured and built a documentary by the end of this year in order to develop a higher level of relevant experience and skill. By overcoming problems and hurdles I hope to be able to fully express an understanding of the production process and the structure of storytelling (or my own ideas on storytelling methods and approaches)

Looking at the ‘five things I need to do’ posted below, I can see that if i stick to this methodology I will develop an in depth knowledge base. I suppose that if this information and knowledge is built up in accordance with an actual project, then it will form into explicit knowledge as I will need to be clear as to how it relates to what I’m trying to achieve. The research shouldn’t become to abstract but should be directly applicable to current problems I may be facing. On that note, I should amend the goal to say that each blog post should relate directly back to the project, whether to reinforce or to challenge my ideas. As the year progresses I imagine the blog will become a reflection for problem solving. Problem solving could be the way in which tacit knowledge is transformed into explicit knowledge.


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